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Provide the food

It can be very frustrating when you have gone to a lot of effort and prepared a tasty home-made nutritious meal and your child doesn’t touch it. Or you might find that you put out a variety of fruit at morning tea and your child chooses the same one  day after day. It seems easier to limit the variety of foods that you offer and only serve the foods that you know your child will eat. Usually these are not the foods that you like eating! So you end up cooking two (or three) meals a night. Or maybe you resort to foods and meals that are easy for your child to eat, just to ‘get something in to her/him’.

At Familyfoodworks we work with you to make changes, one step at a time, to get back on track and offer the range of foods that your child needs. Although we can’t guarantee that they will eat everything you offer, we can assess what they are eating and give you the strategies and support to make a few easy changes. We’re here to support and educate you in feeding your child/ren.

Call us today to have a 10-minute chat with our staff. This is a chance for you to learn more about what we offer in our consultations and how we can support you in feeding your child/ren.