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Eve's ebook: 'Do You Have a Fussy Eater?: A Step by Step Parent's Manual to Peaceful Mealtimes'

If you are stressed about your child’s eating, you are not alone. In 30 years of practice, Paediatric Dietitian Eve Reed has seen hundreds of parents who have tried everything from coaxing their child with bribes and distraction to cooking multiple dishes a night. Contrary to popular belief, kids don’t necessarily just ‘grow out of it’. Through her years of research and experience, Eve has developed simple strategies that have revolutionised parent’s lives from years of dreading mealtimes, to peaceful and nutritious family time.

“Do You Have a Fussy Eater?” is a practical and simple guide that includes not only nutritional information, but addresses feeding behaviours within a family that can transform family meals. It is possible to reclaim the joy of family times so that once food is on the table, its time to enjoy the meal together.

“I think by following the five steps in my ebook, you can learn to relax and know that you are doing all you can to teach your child to be a competent eater. It’s not an overnight fix, but with time, care and application, it really changes everything”, says Eve.

Eve’s ebook is available on Amazon, ibooks and Barnes and Noble.