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Ellyn Satter's Division of Responsibility in feeding

Ellyn Satter’s  Division of Responsibility in Feeding  takes the stress out of feeding your child:

  • The parent is responsible for the what, when, where
  • The child is responsible for the how much and whether

Parent’s feeding jobs:

  • Choose and prepare foods
  • Provide regular meals including morning and afternoon tea
  • Not to let children graze on food and drinks between meal and snack time
  • Let children grow up to have the bodes that is right for them

Child’s feeding jobs:

  • Children will eat the amount they need
  • They will learn to eat what their parents eat
  • They will grow predictably
  • They will learn to behave at the table

Instead of focusing on how much and whether your child is eating, focus on other things rather than food eg what did you do today?. If you are calm and matter-of-fact at the table, your child can learn to be calm and polite about refusing food.