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If you have a child with food allergies, a fussy eater, a child with coeliac disease or other medical problems, or you are worried that your child is not growing or eating well, we can help you through individual consultations, talks and providing resources.

Eve can see you at Crows Nest or at Central Paediatrics in Stanmore. 

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Eve Reed is now available for video consultations online with, where you can get instant advice using your phone or laptop and pay only for the time you need.
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Consultations can be booked by phone or email

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Eve Reed

Eve Reed

Paediatric Dietitian Sydney

Eve Reed is the director of FamilyFoodWorks and is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with over 30 years experience working with children and parents and other health professionals, with an extensive background in child and adolescent nutrition, early childhood care, childbirth education and breastfeeding and counselling.  She specialises in paediatric nutrition with a special interest in feeding behaviours, weight management and assessment of children’s/adolescent’s diets.