Packing Lunch

PACKING LUNCH                                                               Packing lunch boxes is a task that parents do thousands of times. Some find it easy, others find it difficult to know what to put in there. If your child doesn’t eat the food you pack, it...

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Children’s junk food ads ‘made for adults’

The following article was published in the Sydney Morning Herald on November 1st 2010. What do you think? ADVERTISERS are bypassing rules aimed at curbing junk food marketing to children by claiming their ads are targeting adults, an analysis claims.The industry ad...

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The Sunshine Vitamin

At this time of the year, our vitamin D levels are likely to be at their lowest. We produce vitamin D from direct UV sunlight on our skin. Most of us have been rugged up for the winter, not getting as much sun exposure as in the warmer months. Studies have shown that...

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Energy foods for new mums

New mums have a demanding job which requires a lot of energy. At the same time they are not always getting a decent amount of sleep. This is a time when what you eat can help you get through the day (and night). The basis of good eating for new mums is eating regular...

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A healthy feeding relationship

I often hear from parents  that their child doesn’t eat anything, doesn’t eat vegetables or doesn’t eat enough. In translation that usually means that their child doesn’t eat their dinner, only eats particular foods or doesn’t eat what is served to them. If you would...

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‘Nothing in between’

Recently I gave the keynote address at the 2010 Australian Family Child Care Awards, which were sponsored by Australian Family magazine. The main topic of the talk was fussy eaters. The NSW Minister for Community Services, the Honourable Linda Burney, MP was present....

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Adolescents and parents at loggerheads over food!

Adolescents and parents can come to loggerheads over food. And this is where a paediatric dietician can be helpful. Parents sometimes have the impression that their child is underweight or overweight when they just happen to be growing at the lower or upper end of the...

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Eve Reed

Eve Reed

Paediatric Dietitian Sydney

Eve Reed is the director of FamilyFoodWorks and is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with over 30 years experience working with children and parents and other health professionals, with an extensive background in child and adolescent nutrition, early childhood care, childbirth education and breastfeeding and counselling.  She specialises in paediatric nutrition with a special interest in feeding behaviours, weight management and assessment of children’s/adolescent’s diets.

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