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At this time of the year, our vitamin D levels are likely to be at their lowest. We produce vitamin D from direct UV sunlight on our skin. Most of us have been rugged up for the winter, not getting as much sun exposure as in the warmer months. Studies have shown that a growing number of children and adults in Australia have low levels of vitamin D.

 Children need vitamin D for bone growth. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium. In Australia most of our vitamin D is from the sun. We don’t get much from food.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers needs to ensure adequate vitamin D levels so that their breastmilk has enough for their infant.

Sunscreen blocks the UV sunlight so children need to get some direct UV sunlight in the earlier or later hours of the day, when the UV index is lower. The chart gives you details of how much time you need in the sun and when is the best time to get it. Howmuchsunisenough