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Check out Eve’s new ebook on Fussy Eaters

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Check out Eve’s new ebook on Fussy Eaters

If you are stressed about your child’s eating, you are not alone. In 30 years of practice, Paediatric Dietitian Eve Reed has seen hundreds of parents who have tried everything from coaxing their child with bribes and distraction to cooking multiple dishes a night. Contrary to popular belief, kids don’t necessarily just ‘grow out of it’. Through her years of research and experience, Eve has developed simple strategies that have revolutionised parent’s lives from years of dreading mealtimes, to peaceful and nutritious family time.

“The Fussy Eater Revolution” is a practical and simple guide that includes not simply nutritional information, but addresses feeding behaviours within a family that can transform family meals. It is possible to reclaim the joy of family times so that once food is on the table, its time to enjoy the meal together.

“I think by following the five steps in my ebook, you can learn to relax and know that you are doing all you can to teach your child to be a competent eater. It’s not an overnight fix, but with time, care and application, it really changes everything”, says Eve.

You can purchase Eve’s ebook on Amazon,

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To plate or not to plate

Posted on Jun 13, 2013 in Blog, children's dietitian, Childrens' Eating, family meals, Paediatric nutrition | 0 comments

As a children’s dietitian, I am not only interested in the ‘what’ of feeding your child but also in ‘how’ of feeding. How to feed your child differs from one developmental stage to the next. Initially you feed from the breast or from a bottle in a held position. Their task is to suck, swallow and breathe whilst you are supporting their body in your arms. Once they start solids, they are either sitting on your lap or are ready to sit in a high chair. Once they are ready to share family meals, they will be sitting at the ‘big’ table either in a high...

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Are you catering to your child’s fussiness?

Posted on May 27, 2013 in Blog, Childrens' Eating, Fussy eater, Paediatric nutrition, Toddlers' Eating | 0 comments

I was talking to Lisa, a friend of mine, about the way I work with parents to take the stress out of mealtimes. I mentioned Ellyn Satter’s Division of Resonsibilty. I was telling her that when you follow the Division of Responsibility, you offer the same food to all the family, including one food that you know your fussy eater will eat such as bread or rice or pasta. She told me that she was a very fussy eater as a child and that her mother catered to her fussiness. Her mother added an egg to her bottles of milk as she wouldn’t eat eggs, she prepared her more or less the same...

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My child doesn’t eat vegetables

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 in Blog, Childrens' Eating, Paediatric nutrition, Toddlers' Eating | 0 comments

Many parents I see are worried that their child doesn’t eat any vegetables. Maybe this concern is because we hear so much from health professionals and in the media about how good vegetables are for us. They help prevent certain cancers, increase our immunity, and provide important nutrients. It’s easy to get caught up in the pressure that you feel from all these health messages. It’s important to know that it is common for young children not to like vegetables, so your child is not alone, even though it might look like every other child likes their veges. So what can you do? Firstly relax –...

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When to stop milk from a bottle?

Posted on Dec 5, 2012 in Babies Eating, Blog, bottle feeding, Childrens' Eating, Paediatric nutrition | 0 comments

Why stop milk from a bottle?   From birth to about one year of age, infants develop from being fed on demand to having a structured mealtime routine. From about one year of age, they cope best having a routine and knowing what is going to happen throughout their day. As far as feeding goes, this means having five to six defined mealtimes each day. At this stage it is appropriate for toddlers to be drinking from a cup rather than a bottle. Milk becomes part of a meal not a meal in itself.  It is important to remember that milk is a food, not just a drink to quench thirst. A 250ml bottle...

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